Web App Development

Web App Development

Consider getting web applications for your business? Wondering what the benefits of web apps to your business? Are you wondering why your competitors have web apps and you wanted to know more about them? Then this article is for you.

First, let’s take a look at what are web apps and what can they do to your business.

What are Web Applications?

Web apps are based on remote servers that have application programs delivered to business owners through the internet. Most applications are being used for submitting and retrieving data on a database located on the internet. These apps are different from native apps. Most native applications are developed in the business owner’s preferred platform or computer. Installation follows after the development of the device.

The technology of Web Apps

Coding – Client Side Scripting – This is a kind of coding that is done in order to be interpreted by browsers. The client-side scripting is a way for a website to be viewable regardless of where they are accessing the site.

These coding can include JavaScript, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, Dojo Toolkit, HTML, and a lot more.

Coding – Server Side Scripting – This type of coding is where the server interprets the coding on the side of the web server. These coding methods can include ColdFusion, Python, Ruby on Rails, Pearl, PH, Zend Framework, ASP.NET, and a lot more.

How Web-Based Apps can Help you with your Business

Many people have seen the rise of web-based apps on today’s businesses. If you are a business owner, here are some of the benefits that you can get from web-based applications.

Data Integration

You might not want to imagine yourself buried in piles of paperwork and shuffling around for pieces of data. If you can get data from multiple sources, replicate the data and make it into a compact report, you will be able to process your business efficiently. You will be able to get more done in less time with greater accuracy. You can get real-time information and free your staff to do other more important things for your business.

All-Day and All-Week Accessibility

With web-based applications, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your data 24/7 manually. As long as you have an internet connection, you can gain easy access to the data that customers have put on your site. If there are updates and patches for the current version, you will be able to access these whenever you open your apps. This is in contrast to desktop apps because you need to update everything manually in order to get the latest data. You will also be vulnerable to threats, viruses and security breaches if you were not able to update to the current patch. With web-based apps, you will have almost no downtime.

Want to Know More?

Getting web-based applications and expert services from DeciDigital can make your business more productive and efficient. Aside from the ones mentioned above, you can also get personalized service and information on what are the best web-based apps that will fit your business. Contact DeciDigital today for more information.