Tips to help you become a better Software Developer

Tips to help you become a better Software Developer

You have to admit; Software Development isn’t easy. Learning all the variables, commands and stuff can get pretty hard, and you know what’s harder? Remembering it all and using it later. So, we have compiled (see what we did there?) some of the best tips that will surely improve your Software Development skills. So, without any further ado, let’s start!

If you can’t find the bug, break the code:

If you searched every bit of code to find the error and still can’t find it, just take the code into bits and execute it separately each time. Once the error pops up, reduce the code again and again until you find the error. Works every time! Experienced programmers can check a problem, tear it down into smaller pieces, and solve them individually, and them compile them back again…

Choose a simple language first, and work your way up:

If you are new to software development, you should start from the baby steps, and work your way up to learning languages that have a steeper learning curve. More complex languages can increase the load on the brain of an individual, as said by Richard Eng. So, if possible, choose the easiest language to begin with.

Write the idea down on a paper before programming it

As said by Joseph Gentle:

“When you’re stuck, write your program on paper. I’m serious. It’s magic. This is standard practice in programming competitions. (I think it works because when you don’t have to think about syntax you have more excess brain power to solve the actual problem.)”

Avoid Overworking Yourself

Not generally a tip, but overworking can be bad both for your health, and for your code. How? Well, crunch time can result in messy, unorganized and error-filled code, so it’s better to relax a little bit than to write code that you’ll have to fix later on. Taking breaks from time to time can often increase your efficiency, as well as benefit your mental health. And speaking of unorganized code, we have to say….

Organize your code!

Organizing your code is an essential practice you have to adapt in order to become a better Software Developer.  Improve your documentation, assign variable names, and keep everything easy to read and edit. Your goal should be writing a code that you can easily pick up again even after several months, like many famous programmers say.

Don’t give up!

A famous person once said:

“Be stubborn—some problems are very hard. With enough time and research there is always a solution, and finding the solution to a hard problem is the best feeling.”

So, in a nutshell, Software development is hard, but don’t give up!! Here’s a little quote to motivate you…

“Don’t let anything get in the way of that initial motivation to learn programming and just build something. Sometimes you block yourself by having too much focus on reading books or resources first. Other times beginners will try to find the perfect first language. Your first language doesn’t matter. What matters is learning to program well. Just start coding!”



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