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Mobile Application, E-Commerce Development, Social Media Marketing, UI/UX Design and Brand Marketing


AboutThe Client

USA Kitchen & Bath Remodeling is a leader in the industry of kitchen and bath remodeling projects. This company began in 2011. This is a company that firmly believes that every homeowner should have a space that they can be proud of. USA Kitchen & Bath Remodeling has design and installation professionals that have helped to make them the first-class home remodeling company that they are today. They take pride in their work and are very passionate about making the dreams of homeowners come true.

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About The Job

We also are passionate about helping our customers achieve their online goals. That is why we handled a variety of different services for this company. One of these services is handling their social media marketing. Social media is a huge resource for marketing that a lot of businesses neglect. There are so many people on social media and we know how to target marketing to reach potential clients on social media. In addition to social media marketing, we were responsible for their brand marketing. We wanted customers to see the passion that this company has for remodeling, which we used as the basis for their marketing campaigns.

Our company also created a mobile application for them. Customers love to have access to any information whenever they need it. Their mobile application is easy to use and was designed to meet all of their needs. It was highly optimized and had all of the functionality that they were looking for. Businesses need to have mobile applications these days as everyone seems to be attached to their cellphones every second of the day. Apps allow them to browse items wherever they are, giving them a level of convenience that people have grown so use to these days.

Lastly, we did some work to optimize their website through e-commerce development and UI/UX design. They wanted to make better use of their site by offering e-commerce functionality. We wanted this to be easy for the customers to use while also being secure so that the customer’s information is safe. UI/UX design was done to ensure that the interface was highly optimized for users. It is clean and practically clutter-free, perfect for ensuring that the interface does not distract from the message of this company.

USA Kitchen & Bath Remodeling trusted us to help them achieve their business goals. We worked very closely with this company to fully understand what they wanted to achieve. From there, we offered business solutions that were going to help them meet these goals for their business. By working this closely with our clients, we can get a good feeling of how we can create solutions that are going to best represent this brand. We offer a wide array of business solutions that are really going to help businesses gain that competitive edge over their competition. We are passionate about what we do and we have the experience that customers count on.