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AboutThe Client

Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. began offering services to their customers in 1998. Over about 2 decades, this company has helped organizations and companies achieve the most advanced level of maturity for their Enterprise Information Technology Architecture and to help reduce their risk profile. The way that Nu-Pulse accomplishes this is by putting a great deal of thought into planning the best solutions for businesses and organizations. Nu-Pulse has highly trained and skilled staff that is certified in their fields, who are fully prepared to take proactive measures to ensure their clients are protected.

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About The Job

Nu-Pulse Technologies, Inc. came to use for a variety of different services. One of those services is to help them with their website. We handled both their website development and their web design needs. We wanted to develop a website that was going to be optimized for search engines so that they can get a higher ranking. This is full development, creating a custom website that is unique to their business and its individual needs. We also handled a custom CMS design, creating a design from scratch just for Nu-Pulse. What this does is allows Nu-Pulse to make changes to their website without any real technical knowledge about how to do it. We also put a secure and easy to use payment system in place that makes managing their payments a breeze.

As for the website design, they wanted something that would get straight to the point. We went with a clean look that perfectly represented this brand. This is a professional, no-frills company that offers elite services. We worked very closely to ensure that the website that was created for them fit in with the brand identity that they already had in place. This cohesiveness is so crucial for your brand awareness, something that really matters if you are trying to stand out from your competition. The drop-down menu is a perfect way to put everything in a convenient location while also decluttering the page so it looks cleaner. Customers love it when they can easily navigate through webpages to get to exactly what they are looking for. The design is also SEO to improve your rankings.

We also handled custom app development for them. One of the best ways to attract customers to your business is through apps, as everyone seems to be attached to their phones. Clients love the convenience that smartphones offer, which is why it is smart business to have an app specifically made for your business. A custom application was just what this company needed to give their company the competitive edge.

Our company listens to the individual needs of our clients to ensure that they get the high-quality website and marketing services that you need to achieve your business goals. We closely monitor the work that we do so that we can make sure that you get the website that perfectly represents your business.