567 Logistics

Web Design, System Integrations, Cloud Services, Project Management


AboutThe Client

567 Logistics is an American company that wants to offer the best 3rd party logistic services in the industry. This company offers complete solutions for any warehousing, fulfillment, and distribution challenges that our businesses may have. By offering highly competitive prices, 567 Logistics can have a significant impact in reducing a company’s shipping and warehousing overhead. Their staff is highly trained to offer the best logistics solutions for the individual needs of your business by customizing solutions to meet their client’s goals. They have core values that help them achieve their business goals.


About The Job

Having core values in place is a great start, but 567 Logistics needs an extra boost to help increase their client base. That is why they came to us to utilize some of our amazing services. One of the items that we handled for this company is their web design. This is a no-frills company that wants to give off a feeling of simplicity and a clean look to their site. For that reason, we used very basic and toned down colors that are perfect for representing this company. The design layout was created for a cleaner and clutter-free look that makes the website more visual appealing while also being organized so that customers can readily access the information that they were looking for.

In addition to working on their website, which helps make them more visible to potential customers we also worked behind the scenes to help them get the tools that they need to be the most successful. One way that we did this was through system integration services that helped them to optimize their system through making their subsystems work together as one. We also help to manage their cloud services, which is great to ensure that you can access your information whenever you need to. This is beneficial because if something goes wrong onsite, you will not have to worry about losing your data.

We were responsible for offering project management services as well. 567 Logistics needed to have an outside look at their operations to help figure out the best ways to be even more efficient. This is a process that requires a great deal of planning and closely looking internally at a company to see where money can be saved to make operations even more profitable. Efficiency means more profits.

Our company takes an individualized approach to ensure that every company gets the solutions that they need. We will work very closely with each of our clients to make sure that we understand what their goals are. We want to know what every company is about so that we can create solutions that are made for them, such as a website that accurately represents a business. We want to know what their goals are so that we can create solutions that will best help them to achieve these goals. It is important to us to build a long-lasting relationship with our clients.