Silk Salon & Nails

Web Design, Social Media Marketing, SEO services, PPC Marketing, Brand Marketing


AboutThe Client

Located in Arlington, Virginia, Silk Salon & Nails is a trendy and upscale full-service salon that wants to help everyone that comes into their salon look amazing. They understand the total confidence boost that one can get when they look great on the outside, so it is important to them to ensure that everyone walks out their doors to have a transformative experience. Silk Salon & Nails values their customers, treating them as guests to encourage a long-term and trusting relationships with their clientele.


About The Job

We wanted them to have a website that truly represents the class and sophistication of this high-end company. When Silk Salon & Nails wanted us to handle their website design, we wanted to give off a high-class vibe on their website. Sticking to sophisticated simplicity, we opted for a black and white color scheme for the website. This is a timeless scheme that is elegant enough for a company like this one. The layout allows for potential customers to easily access all of the information that they need when checking out this company. We also provided them with SEO services, ensuring that their website was optimized to improve their search engine ranking.

We were tasked with providing them with marketing services to help bring more business into their bustling salon. One part of this was to handle their social media marketing. Social media is one of the most effective ways for businesses to attract new customers to their company. We helped them to better utilize their social media for this purpose. Through the creation of very successful social media marketing campaigns, we were able to increase the audience that they have access to advertise to. We then focused on their brand marketing across different platforms to get them the attention that they deserve. Brand awareness is essential for any business’ success. By coming up with an amazing brand awareness campaign, we were able to help market this company as the elegant and high-end establishment that it is. As part of their marketing services, we also helped them with their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. This is a great way to get potential customers to visit a website without spending more than your budget on marketing. You are only paying for those clicks that drive traffic to your website.

Between these marketing services and our web design, Silk Salon & Nails was pleased with the work that was completed. We worked very closely with this company to understand what their brand was about and what goals they wanted to achieve with their online campaigns. We listened to their goals and gave valuable advice as to how to process in order to efficiently accomplish these goals. We come up with a plan that is individualized for our clients because every business is different. This means that a cookie cutter solution is not going to be effective for everyone. This attention to detail is what makes us stand out.