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AboutThe Client

When you have kids, finding programs that work well for your family can be very difficult. You want someone that you can count on and trust when dealing with your children. Thanks to Careszon, you have a one stop location where you can search a wide variety of daycare, preschools, and other programs for your children so you can easily find the right one for your family. Families have been trusting them for a long time with their loved ones, which helps them maintain the strong reputation in the community that allows them to grow as a company.


About The Job

We understand the difficulties of finding a variety of services that you may need in one convenient location. This is exactly why we offer our customers such a wide selection of solutions that businesses need to grow and succeed. For this company, we offered quite a few services to help improve their business’ brand awareness.

We handled a lot of the behind the scenes work for this company. One aspect of this was to handle their web application and Web CMS. These are services that are crucial for engaging customers, so it was very important to focus a great deal of energy on these aspects. We also created mobile application that can help them expand their reach. Customers love the ability to access a company’s information wherever they are, so a mobile app can be a great tool to help improve your customer’s experience.

Since security is such an important thing for business when it comes to their mobile applications and web applications, we also provided numerous services to assist them including penetration testing, application security, and other testing services. These are necessary to ensure the highest level of security for your sites.

Lastly, we also handled their brand marketing and SEO services. Having a website isn’t enough; you need to get your website out there. To do this, you need to improve your SEO ranking on search engines so that you can be found higher up on the search results. People typically only stay on the first page of search results, even choosing one of the top few listed pages. They do not want to search around, so having expert help with SEO is going to make a huge difference. Brand marketing is also absolutely necessary for brand awareness as this is what gets your name out there for customers to find. We worked very closely with this company in order to figure out what their brand needs are so we could create a marketing solution that would help them to achieve their business goals.

Our company has a lot of experience helping businesses achieve their goals. This is possible through our ability to offer a wide array of services, which are provided by our highly knowledgeable and experienced staff. Every business is different, requiring their own solutions, so we work hard to understand your business to cater our services to your needs.