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AboutThe Client

Locoum is a United States based manufacturer of Turkish delight candies in Manassas, Virginia. For those who don’t know Turkish delights are confections that originated in the Ottoman Empire, and are made of simple ingredients and fruits, nuts, or other flavorings. Originally created by master confectioner Bekir Efendi in 1777, Turkish delight was then discovered by an unnamed British traveler and brought to the west. While Turkish delight commands great popularity throughout the Middle East and Europe, it remains a lesser known candy in some parts of the United States. In fact, most Americans’ exposure to it might only be from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, the popular film from 2005, or the C.S. Lewis book. Locoum has made it their mission to bring the highest quality candies to the greater Washington DC area and beyond.

Locoum had a great product and a great location, and were ready to grow their business. In order to succeed at the next level, they would need a website and corporate identity and logo that would make them stand out from the competition, some of them giants of the confectionary world. They may be great at what they do, but that’s not internet brand and web design. A wise business owner knows their strengths and when to bring in talent from outside the company.

That’s why Locoum hired us. We provide our clients with the certainty that they’ll get the expertise they need when they need it. Anything we would craft for Locoum would have to reflect the uniqueness of their product; organic Turkish delights made right in the USA.


About The Job

For Locoum’s corporate identity, the heart of their internet brand, our team wanted to focus on the distinctive and exotic nature of their product line. Turkish delight originated in the 18th century Ottoman empire, so we wanted Locoum’s identity to reflect the exotic and classical aspects of the candy’s history. However, our team also saw a modernity to Locum’s approach, so we crafted a corporate identity for our client that is traditional, unusual, and modern all at the same time.

For Locoum’s logo, our team created a simple and elegant design; simply the company’s name in a scrolling handwritten style font reminiscent of the Near East and the Ottoman Empire. The Locoum logo is a silvery gray hue set on a white background. It has a simple and straightforward appeal with a hint of the exotic, everything we designed Locoum’s corporate identity to be.

Our team designed a website for Locum that would minimize the fluff and highlight what is important, the Turkish delight they sell. We created a user-friendly shopping platform with shopping cart and secure checkout options, and we went with a simple white background to make the colors of the candies pop on every page. The end result is a functional ecommerce site that also visually appealing to visitors, making them crave Locoum’s delicious Turkish delight.