Lazzer Metal

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AboutThe Client

Lazzer Metal, established in 2003, is the leading Turkish retailer of Lenox tools and saw blades. They pride themselves on being the premier supplier of the Lenox line to their industrial customers. Ordering directly from an American manufacturer can prove costly to a small company in Europe, so Lazzer has made it their mission to cut costs and give excellent service to their customers. Lazzer Metal also goes above and beyond, offering technical assistance and training seminars.

Wanting to bring their business into the 21st century, Lazzer Metal needed a site that would effectively portray their core standards, value, technical expertise, and superb customer service. And while Lazzer may know Lenox tools and saws, they didn’t know the first thing about designing a website that would aid them in growing their business in the future. They needed a partner that could give them the level of service and quality they were used to providing their own customers, and design a one of a kind website that would help them stand out from their competitors.

That’s why Lazzer Metal came to us. Our team of web designers has the skills and expertise necessary to tackle any job, no matter how large or small, and produce exceptional results that give our clients the greatest return on their investment in a custom website possible regardless of their budget.


About The Job

Lazzer metal needed an effective website that would plainly display their product offerings and pricing to their potential and existing customers alike. Their website would also need to include links for company and industry news, and an option to translate the page to English for Lazzer Metal’s customers in the European Union outside of Turkey, plus links to the company’s social media accounts.

Our wanted the basic page design for Lazzer Metal’s website to be user friendly and uncomplicated, focusing on the different manufacturers and products they offer rather than on fluff and filler content. Consumers of industrial products are often pressed for time, and wouldn’t revisit a site with lots of filler content and a confusing user interface. The design uses a simple royal blue and white color scheme, with the company logo, manufacturer logos, and directory covering the top of the page.

The central focus of the home page is a selection of scrolling images of top selling metal cutting blades sold by Lazzer Metal. The product images are presented in a simple grid, and clicking them leads to a detailed page for the product and its pricing list. There is also frequent access to the Contact Us page, where customers can reach out to Lazzer to place an order.

The news section of the website features article on Lazzer Metal’s corporate news and the latest in cutting technology. Adding this kind of content in a web page is a great way for a company to improve their SEO rating, improving their search engine rankings and increasing traffic to their site. That’s what we do for all our clients, we create websites that get results.