Kitchen Central

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AboutThe Client

Kitchen Central is a company in Austin, TX that offers a wide selection of custom kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. They began in 2009 as a vendor of custom cabinet organization solutions, and grew into the successful full service kitchen and bath remodeling business they are today. Kitchen Central’s focuses on quality and the highest level of customer service imaginable. The company offers Austin locals the best selection of cabinetry options for any budget, and are fully committed to making their customers’ dreams come true.

Kitchen Central already had a great website, which includes an attractive color scheme and layout and useful visualization tools that allow the site’s visitors to create a custom image of their dream kitchen or bathroom. The problem was that the site wasn’t generating enough traffic to help Kitchen Central continue to grow in the years to come. A noticeable web presence is essential to any good marketing strategy, and that’s why Kitchen Central came to us.

Maximizing the exposure of a company’s website takes experience and knowhow, and our team has plenty of both. Kitchen Central needed help with search engine optimization and a new digital marketing strategy including Google AdWords and social media marketing to ensure their business stays competitive into the future. By focusing on their core values, we believed we could generate those results for our client.


About The Job

Social media marketing is a vital part of creating a sustainable web presence these days, and Kitchen Central wanted in on the action. We created campaign including traditional social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, and more specialized sites like Houzz, ASID, AMS and the BBB. We specifically designed content that would capture the attention of each site’s unique user base. In doing so, we are giving Kitchen Central every possible avenue to connect with potential customers online and entice them into the showroom.

We also aided with Kitchen Central’s search engine optimization. In order to really be seen online, it is essential to maximize the use of frequently searched words and word combinations for the relevant product to achieve better rankings in search engines. And that’s why Kitchen Central chose us. Our team constantly researches market data and insights relevant to our clients so we can help them get the most out of their websites. Kitchen Central’s website was not living up to its potential, so we assisted them with minor content tweaks that would help their site stand out from the crowd.

Pay per click advertising can prove difficult to navigate for an unseasoned marketer, and creating an entirely new department to handle digital marketing might not be feasible. That’s why Kitchen Central came to us. It’s all about knowing who, where and when to strike at a potential website visitor. Our team provided a unique PPC advertising campaign aimed specifically at Kitchen Central’s target customer, which is anyone dreaming of a better kitchen or bathroom in the Austin area.