Discover & Granite

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AboutThe Client

Discover Granite & Marble is a company in northern Virginia, specializing in natural and composite stone countertops, fireplaces and outdoor kitchens and matching cabinetry and accessories. They have two locations, one in Manassas, which is close to Washington DC, and a second in Charlottesville, VA, which is further south. Discover makes it their mission to bring the highest quality materials and installation services to both residential and commercial customers throughout southern Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia, with 40 years of combined experience in the industry.

With so many options for countertops, cabinetry, edges, colors and finishes, Discover Granite & Marble would need a versatile and easily navigated website, so as not to overwhelm potential clients. They came to us wanting just this kind of website design that would meet their various needs and entice people into visiting one of their brick and mortar locations. It is of utmost importance to create the desire to visit a Discover showroom, where the final selections and deals are made. would have to be designed with a large amount of content in mind, and be simple for their team to update on a regular basis. With a constantly shifting and impressive inventory, large gallery of their previous work, and a blog page, we needed to make the site as streamlined as possible, for both Discover’s clientele and its site administrators. We certainly had our work cut out for us.


About The Job

With such a large volume of content to be included, it was essential that we design the client’s site to be informative, but not overwhelming. Elements such as image and text placement remained a prime focus from the start of the project in order to avoid overcrowding and clutter on the home page while still purveying the most important messages to the site’s visitors. That message: come to the warehouse and see for yourself what Discover Granite & Marble has to offer.

The color scheme we chose for Discover’s website had to match their existing corporate logo. We went with the same orange, blues and browns represented there, and added white and gray sections to each page to provide contrast to the site’s other bold hues. And in a few parts of the site, we selected a design reminiscent of granite tiles to further enforce the type of services Discover offers.

The client wanted their high level of customer satisfaction to be highlighted on their new website, as well as the latest industry insights and technology, and plenty of reminders on how to contact the company. We crafted multiple access points to customer testimonials and online reviews for Discover Granite & Marble’s webpage.

We created a blog page for the site, and designed it so the client would be able to update the content with little effort or assistance. Discover wanted to include 3-dimensional visualization tools on the site to spark the imaginations of their customers. We customized an easy to use template to include Discover’s unique products. We also placed Discover’s contact information and access to the contact us form strategically on each page to maximize exposure to Discover’s convenient locations.