Cities Housing Solutions

Logo & Web Design


AboutThe Client

Cities Housing Solutions offers quality furnished corporate, intern and student housing in the Washington DC area, a much-needed service. Finding clean, affordable housing can present a real problem for those looking to reside near to their work or school, and locating temporary housing poses an even larger problem. They had a great product, and needed an equally impressive public presentation for that product. Web presence is of utmost importance for companies like, since most of their business would be done through their website.

They came to us in need of the perfect logo, web design and corporate identity design, all of which had to reflect the company’s modern and accessible housing options. Residing in the DC area themselves, in nearby Arlington, VA, Cities Housing understood the challenges of the local market and knew they needed to present something special to stand out from the crowd.

We needed to design an eye-catching website that would engage visitors and keep them interested in the product, as there is a lot of competition in the Washington DC rental market. Cities Housing also wanted a user-friendly rental application and payment portal for potential and existing customers included in the design. The logo we would design was required to match the uncomplicated website and the simple, modern corporate identity to express what Cities Housing Solutions had to offer the metro DC area.


About The Job

Cities Housing Solution’s corporate identity needed to match their product, which is rentals for students, interns and corporate travelers. This target market wants something straightforward, contemporary and relatable., since finding a safe, clean and affordable rental in Washington DC is challenging at the best of times. The exclusive identity we created reflects the uniqueness of what Cities Housing offers, updated furnished studio, multiple bedroom and dorm-style apartments in superb locations with fabulous amenities, all at affordable prices.

The corporate logo and web design the team would craft for Cities housing needed to reflect their new corporate identity, sleek, modern and easily identifiable. What they came up with tells the Cities Housing story, that wherever you are from and however long you’re staying, they can provide a home. The simplicity of the logo we designed reflects their identity completely. The bold colors and rooftop graphic lets the consumer know exactly what kind of company they are dealing with, a no nonsense rental agency. would have to be designed without clutter and be easy to navigate in order to coordinate with their user-friendly corporate logo and identity. They required a quick and effortless rental application and a way to make deposit and rental payments through the site. The real challenge here was creating such a minimalist design that would complement both their identity and the interior design of their apartments. What we came up with allows any curious renter to get the entire Cities Housing Solutions message in a very short amount of time, and to easily contact the company if they desire.