Angel Boom

Web Design, Logo & Brand Identity


AboutThe Client is a startup that provides a global investment platform for real estate investment. They came to us with a great idea, but needed some help with how to bring it to the public. This unique company connects accredited angel investors from all over the world with real estate projects in the United States in need of an influx of capital. Each of the development projects and potential investors must pass a rigorous vetting process in order to participate in’s investment program. This is the perfect place for investors looking to diversify their portfolios into American real estate to find pre-qualified investment opportunities, and for developers in need of investors to be found, all at a lower cost than other options.

They came to us in need of a corporate identity, web design and logo design, and an expertly designed website that could accommodate their revolutionary business model. The website would become the sole public face for the company, so it was absolutely essential to build something user friendly for everyone involved in’s operations, namely its employees, investors and developers. would have to be impressive and incorporate the latest industry advances to grab the attention of their target consumer, the tech savvy angel investor. With such a limited pool of potential customers, this project would need to be executed flawlessly to grab the attention of affluent investors capable of meeting SEC accreditation requirements. Combined with the multifaceted nature of the essential functions the website would need to perform, this contract would present an exciting challenge to our team.


About The Job

Seeing that is a startup, our team had to work from the ground up to craft a suitable corporate identity. We considered the type of client that would be attracted to this service; wealthy individuals from all over the world and the real estate developers looking to attract them. We came up with an identity of the experienced mentor coming to a protégé with an exciting new opportunity. One of expertise and consistency with a hint of mystery and exclusivity to leave consumers wanting more.

Next needed a web design and logo design that would suit their corporate identity. The logo we designed displays the colors of wealth; green and gold. The colors blend together in the outer circle, representing the connection the company provides for developers and investors. The unique asymmetrical triple chevron design shows the company’s contemporary values and high end, exclusive identity.’s website presented the greatest challenge to our team. The site needed to incorporate search and ecommerce functions, in addition to specialized forms. On the surface the site looks pretty typical, but many doors open for registered users. The website we created focuses solely on leaving the potential user wanting more, therefore prompting an investor to seek more information by contacting the company or becoming a registered user. To achieve this end, we designed a minimal introductory webpage that provide just enough information to generate the desired level of intrigue in the business.