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PPC Marketing in Washington DC

The competitive world that we live in has underlined the importance of the marketing department of the companies. It is only and only through creative and eye captivating marketing that one can achieve the desired number of sales. Unlike earlier, there are several modern and technologically advanced ways of marketing the products and services.

One of such popular ways is PPC Marketing in Washington DC. PPC stand for Pay per Click. This is one of the models of internet marketing in which the advertisers are required to pay a fee every time any of their ads is clicked. This basically means buying visits to one’s site rather than ‘earning’ them. However, if your ad campaign is relevant and beneficial to users, then, Google may charge you less fee as well. This kind of marketing makes your ad appear high in position whenever a keyword similar to yours is searched for in the search engine.

So, every time a customer clicks on your ad link, they will be taken directly to your website. The moment this happens the search engine charges you the fixed fee. This is really beneficial as the fee charged is very nominal. However, if you get a customer or a sale out of that, then, you end up earning a hefty profit. You can do PPC marketing in Washington DC for your products and services through various systems that are available.

The most popular system is Google AdWords. It is the system that enables businesses to create and put ads on Google’s search engine and other properties too. Moreover, since Google is the most used and most famous search engine, it can create a lot of traffic the moment the ad is placed. The system works more like an auction. The companies bid on a particular keywords that best suit their businesses. The company which bids the highest amount may get the highest position in the search. On the initiation of a search, Google looks for a set of winners from the pool of AdWords advertisers. This selection is based on two factors. The first one is the bid amount and the second one is the quality and the relevance of the keywords campaign. As a result, the advertisers can reach their potential customers at a price that fits their budget.

You can further benefit more from AdWords by keeping in mind the following points and making your campaign accordingly.

  1. Relevance of the keyword: If you want your ad to be considered by Google, then you need to make sure that the keywords are relevant, and that there is proper text for your advertisement.
  2. Landing Page Quality: Another criterion for Google to choose your campaign is to have good quality landing pages. They should have clear, interesting and persuasive content. The contact details should be clearly mentioned as well. The pages should be tailored to particular and specific search queries.
  3. Quality Score: This is Google’s rating of the relevance and quality of landing pages, keywords and PPC campaigns. Advertisers who get better quality score get more advertisements clicks at low prices.

How to manage PPC Campaigns

So, now that you have created your campaign and have even got it started, it is essential to understand that managing the ongoing account is equally important. It is very beneficial for your business and you if you constantly analyze your account. In fact, regular account activity enhances its performance and may draw more customers than usual. Continuous analyzing your account helps you to know the weak areas and make changes accordingly. Some adjustments are as follows:

  1. Add PPC keywords: You can expand the number of searches by adding more and more keywords. Nevertheless, these keywords should be relevant to the nature of your business.
  2. Split ad-groups: You can split your ad groups into smaller ones which are more relevant and get more number of clicks. This will even lead to an increase in click-through rate and quality score. These smaller groups have more targeted text.
  3. Negative keywords: It is a wise idea to add non converting-terms to negative keywords. This not only improves the relevancy of the campaign but also reduces expenditure.
  4. Costly PPC Keywords: While analyzing the campaign, it is advisable to look for and review the underperforming expensive keywords. If you get any, you should shut them off immediately.
  5. Landing Pages: In order to increase your conversion rate, you can modify the content and calls to action of the pages which are more aligned to individual searches. If you send all the traffic to one page, then it can cause a lot of trouble.

Advantages of PPC Marketing

  1. This method of marketing can generate traffic in a very less time. If your advertisement is well-written and has specific keywords, then it will automatically get lots of clicks from genuine customers.
  2. This kind of advertising is fast especially if you have an account with a search engine like Google which is very popular among public.
  3. PPC advertising can easily and quickly adapt to changing customers’ interests and market conditions.
  4. It can also be a bargain if you use long, highly specific phrases which no one else generally has the time to pursue. This way you can get more clicks at a very minimal cost.

Challenges of PPC Marketing

  1. The costs can go up really high. This generally happens with the companies who have the “more clicks more work” mentality. Moreover, the ‘ego-based’ bidding can also be harmful for people who want to be at the top. Given the quality restrictions by the search engines, people may have to pay a lot even if there is no one else in the bidding.
  2. Junk traffic may also be harmful and reduce the life of your campaign. You may get a lot of clicks even from the deeper corners of internet which are generated by the partner network campaigns. Thus, it will be important to separate out these searches to get the worth of your money.
  3. This form of advertising does not scale. The number of clicks is directly proportional to the traffic generated. So, though the cost per click remains the same, the overall cost increases unlike SEO.

PPC Marketing is one of the most popular forms of advertising these days. It may sound a bit challenging but if done properly and carefully, it can really shoot up the number of customers and the profit earned.


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