Digital Marketing

Google AdWords

With everyone having a Personal Computer or a smart phone these days, marketing has gone a long way from door to door advertisements to digital marketing. The web is home to a large number of advertisement and marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing refers to making use of digital channels, for example websites, search engines, email, social media, mobile and computer applications, etc. to advertise products and services. It provides a platform to connect with a wider range of audience with a higher hit rate to the targeted audience. Let us explore further options.

PPC (Pay per click)

This is a sponsored option for your product or services’ marketing campaign. This works on a simple principle. You pay a specified amount for each click that you get for your product or service ad. You have the option of deciding where your ads will appear, based on certain key words or phrases that are entered in the search engine. If it is a related search word or key word, your ad will appear in the specified section. That way, you will have a larger target audience rather than an abundance of just audience who may or may not be interested in your business. What makes this a popular option of digital marketing in Washington DC is that it is flexible and effective for a wide range of organizations.

Search Engine Optimization:

This is the effective process of tailoring your ad content to contain the required key words to target hits at your product or services. It is a way to enhance the way you advertise your product. The goal is not to just pour in lots of key words. It is to organize your content in such a way that it is informative and helpful to the audience who read it. Engaging and valuable content is the best way to lure in more potential customers. If you have content that is good enough, your blog or post can be linked by readers as a sharing option, and that is the most credible form of digital marketing in Washington DC that a company can expect.

71% or searches resulted on the first page that was loaded on Google search engine.

67% hits are from the top 5 results on the page.

Content Marketing:

Great content is all about modern SEO. The right words, phrases and expressions help you get noticed on social media. Instead of sheer marketing tactics, you are impressing customers with informative topics that are related to your services or products.

Instead of being pushy about marketing, try to be clever in making up your content so that you can be seen as a valuable source of information. If you are resourceful, there are lesser chances that audience will tune you out.

47% of internet users are on Facebook. 88% product purchases are pinned on Pintrest. People are no longer just posting selfies and liking them. They are connecting with other people to share experiences. This is a good way for your company to gain credible publicity through digital marketing in Washington DC.

Keeping all these in mind while using digital marketing strategies will help shoot up your business.